Moms First: Stanley Clark teacher competes to be 'Greatest Big Kid'

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One local teacher is hoping to help others and show his students the importance of giving back by volunteering for a local non-profit in a big way. The Boys and Girls Club of St. Joseph County pairs six outstanding youth with adult mentors, who they call Great Big Kids.

A local teacher is competing for the crown of the Greatest Big Kid in hopes of teaching his students that helping others in our community is one of the most valuable life lessons.

For 12-years Jason Hunter has been teaching U.S. history at Stanley Clark School in South Bend, but Hunter is hoping to make history of his own this weekend.

"This is the seventh year for the contest, and the six previous times everyone has won it has either been a professional fundraiser or a businessman,” Hunter said. “So I would love to be the first teacher to win the Greatest Big Kid, so I have to out fundraise all these guys.”

There are six other professionals competing who each have a youth to mentor, but the one who raises the most money wins the title of the Boys and Girls Club of St. Joseph County's Greatest Big Kid.

"Until you spend some time hanging out with some of the kids from the club, it's really opened my eyes to the benefits of something like this, and how important something like this is, and how necessary a place like the Boys and Girls Club is to our community,” Hunter said.

Hunter has enlisted his students to help the cause by hosting a bowling and basketball fundraiser.

"He's doing a really good thing as well as it's a lot of fun to do all of his events he's done so far,” said seventh-grader Sam Nashel.

His students say he's teaching the importance of giving back.

"The community is like a group effort, and if everyone's not helping then something always fall short,” said seventh-grader Raylee Foster.

Hunter says the Boys and Girls Club of St. Joseph County is a life changer for so many kids.

"That's 1,100 kids that aren't home alone that aren't on the streets; 1100 kids that will have a positive influence and positive role models in their lives,” Hunter said.

The competition ends this Saturday but Hunter says he will be a mentor for life. All the money raised goes directly to programming for the Boys and Girls club of St. Joseph County.

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