Boil order expected through Friday in LaGrange

Photo: Pixabay

There was so much water used to fight the fire in LaGrange Tuesday, the town ran out of water and more had to be trucked in to battle the blaze.

As of now, the town is under a boil order. That means you should boil water before drinking or cooking with it.

Efforts are under way to get that boil order lifted. State officials will be testing the water for the next two days to make sure it’s safe to drink.

The huge demand for water emptied the town water tower, triggering the state to issue the boil order.

At one time, three different aerial trucks were spraying water. All using the town's water supply.

Water pumps were running hard as they could to cover the gap.

Firefighting efforts ended up draining the water supply from the town's water system and water tower.

“Eventually we couldn't cover that gap and basically just, ran you know, the tower and the water system out of water, and then wound up truck tanking water in to continue to fight that,” said Town Manager, Mark Eagleson.

The total amount of water used to fight the fire caused the water pressure in the town's water lines to go down drastically.

“Hopefully everything will come back that there is not an issue, which will then allow us, hopefully on Friday at some point to lift the boil water restriction,” said Easgleson.

Until then, precautions are being taken at LaGrange’s high school, middle school, and elementary --a total of 1,500 students.

“We provided, by the time students and staff arrived this morning, we had filtered water, bottled water, in place in drinking stations and hand sanitizer available in all restrooms,” said Cathy Phillip with the Lakeland School System.

She says the school system is prepared to provide that, through Friday.

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