Can secondhand vapor harm you?

Is the secondhand vapor from e-cigarettes harmful to your health? // WSBT 22 photo

We've all heard that inhaling secondhand smoke from cigarettes has damaging health effects, but what about secondhand vapor from electronic cigarettes?

The FDA's Deeming Regulation was put into effect about two weeks ago. Those regulations are expected to make it more difficult for minors to vape. WSBT talked to local experts to see if his was something we need to be concerned about.

"Quality of data is not that great,” said Dr. Soheib Aleem at South Bend Clinic. “I think there are two reasons for that – one is the methodology of research is not that great, and the different devices that are used…”

Dr. Aleem says in the medical community there's a lot of back-and-forth on the risk of e-cigarettes to the smoker. Some think there's less carcinogen exposure compared to smoke, while others say we don't have long-term safety data in terms of exposure.

"Health risks I should say would be substantially less versus smoking,” says Vape N’ Smoke’s district manager, Cro Rolwand. “Smoking is combustion. You're actually inhaling smoke. Where as this is just a heating device – it's a heating element that heats up e-juice and is just like a transfer, a nicotine delivery system.”

And Rowland says in his opinion, the effects of secondhand vaping are 0 percent.

“All the nicotine is going to be disbursed prior to heading to your lungs, so by the time you bring that in and then bring that out there's going to be no nicotine left in it."

When it comes down to it, experts say there isn't enough data, research, and even time to make a definitive statement about secondhand vaping. Any data that is out there, the research isn't that great because of the different devices and the general methodology of the research.

"I think the quality of research, as I mentioned in terms of methodology and the devices used, has not and standardized yet. So hopefully with the FDA passing new laws and more data being available in terms of devices by the manufacture as well as general interest from the public put a lot of emphasis on that moving forward,” says Dr. Aleem.

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