Moms First: Aerial Yoga in Granger

It's one of the hottest new trends out there when it comes to yoga.

It's called Ascension yoga or otherwise known as Aerial yoga and it's recently flown into Michiana.

The prop is a fabric hammock swing that looks like a long scarf used for aerial yoga.

Jennifer Parker, an Aerial Yoga Instructor at Beyond Zen in Granger says it's a safe form of exercise that all ages can do.

"A lot of yoga is very low impact anyway but sometimes holding those poses can be hard and a lot of people think they can't do it but this allows us to get deeper stretches it’s just that added support,” said Parker.

You are only suspended about three feet from the ground and instructors says the swing allows you be able to hold more challenging poses and get a better stretch.

"By using the swing it helps to eliminate pressure on your joints and lowers impact on your joints,” Parker said.

The classes have a weight restriction of 250 pounds and the classes have a variety of different levels for aerial yoga.

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