13 years since disappearing, family holds vigil for missing boy


It's been 13 years since Steven Kraft, 12, disappeared near his home in Benton Harbor and to this day, police still don't know what happened. They held a news conference Thursday, asking anyone with information to come forward.

Kraft's family also kept his memory alive through a vigil.

It's dark and cold, but Mary Bassett wouldn't miss this gathering for the world.

"Oh, I've had my candle from the very first one that we started," she said.

At this vigil, Bassett is remembering her cousin, Steven Kraft, who disappeared 13 years ago.

"Scared, hurt, wondering where he is, if he's okay, if he's not okay, is he warm, is he cold? All those emotions," she said.

Kraft was just 12-years-old when he was last seen playing with his dogs outside his home in Benton Harbor. The dogs were found, but Kraft was nowhere to be seen.

"We just went out, we walked everywhere, we searched empty houses, we searched fields, we searched ponds, we searched everything," Bassett said.

All these years later, his loved ones are no closer to finding out what happened.

"It's caused a lot of damage to our family," Bassett said.

Police say the leads in this case have dwindled over time, but Bassett is not giving up.

"Tonight is to walk for Steven, to help light Steven's way home to hopefully open people's eyes, and anything you heard, the least little thing you heard, whatever you think might not mean that much could mean the world to this case, it could bring Steven home, it could be the answer," she said.

Steven Kraft would be 25 years old today. Anyone with information is asked to call Benton Harbor Police at 269-927-8414 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-342-STOP.