3 pre-teens charged with battery after police say they beat 3 people in Goshen


Goshen police and the Department of Child Services are investigating an incident at the Twin Pines mobile home park.

Officers say they arrested and charged three pre-teen boys for battery.

One was 12-years-old and the other two were just 11.

One of their victims was also 11-years-old and a sibling to the three boys. Police say the boys pushed that sibling into the wall by the neck.

According to reports, police also say the boys attacked their mother.

Police say each of her kids hit her with their hands, giving her a black eye and bruises.

Their 62-year-old neighbor called police after the boys came after her. She told police they pushed her hand into a wall.

None of the victims needed medical treatment.

The three boys were released to their mother with the promise that they would appear in court.

The Department of Child Services made a case report and arranged a safety plan for the family.

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