A deadly home invasion in South Bend has neighbors feeling uneasy

A deadly home invasion in South Bend has neighbors feeling uneasy

A South Bend home invasion ended with one man dead. Police are still looking for the men they believe did it.

Police were called to a South Bend home about a shooting. When they got there, two men were suffering from gunshot wounds, and 31-year-old Joseph Brown died from his injuries. As the investigation into who did this remains ongoing, neighbors are feeling uneasy.

The wind in the neighborhood today was violent, blowing trees, flags and crime scene tape, in what neighbors say is normally a quiet area.

"Oh, it's very safe, very safe," said neighbor Theira Jones. "We don't have any trouble around here."

Wednesday night there was more than just trouble. South Bend police were called to a shooting on Kendall Street. When they got there, they found two roommates shot. Brown died, and 29-year-old Dustin Bierwagen was taken to the hospital and released.

"It messed me up. It bothered me real bad because that has never happened over here like that," said neighbor Leonardo Miller.

Police say witnesses saw two men running from the scene. They are considered to be armed and dangerous.

Jones has lived in the neighborhood for 15 years. He said gun violence, not just in our area but across the country, needs to stop.

"It's kind of scary because it's an ongoing problem throughout the whole country, just not in our community but nationwide, and we really need to get a handle on that," said Jones.

He hopes the men who did it are caught.

"They're a bunch of punks," he said. "You live to fight another day. Now you're going to run and get a gun? Come on, that's not how it is supposed to happen."

Police are considering this an armed robbery and a home invasion.

If you have any information about the two suspects, call the St. Joseph County Metro Homicide Unit at 235-5009.

An autopsy is scheduled for Brown Friday in Kalamazoo. He leaves behind two children and a baby on the way.

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