A Goshen Eagle Scout has the most merit badges in the history of the Boy Scouts

A Goshen Eagle Scout has the most merit badges in the history of the Boy Scouts.

Since 1910 around 100 million people have become Boy Scouts.

Out of those 107 years, no one has received as many merit badges as a scout from our area.

It took him about eight years of hard work.

This is no small task.

Each badge represents something different for this Goshen Scout.

He worked 10 hours a week to focus on meeting his goal.

Just one day before he aged out of the program, he earned his last badge.

Eagle Scout, Nathan Hite, has spent the past eight years collecting 143 merit badges.

The most in the history of Boy Scouts.

But Hite says it wasn't always his goal.

"After I completed my Eagle, I wasn't really set on completing all the merit badges. But after I got my eagle I was like, OK. I feel like I can do this. So I set my goal and completed that goal,” said Hite.

Among the badges, Hite says backpacking was the hardest.

"We had to backpack about 75 miles. Not in one trip. The longest trip was about 30 miles over four to five days. That took a lot out because you had to carry everything you need for that weekend,” said Hite.

Hite also has his favorite.

"Well aviation was my favorite merit badge. We actually got to fly an airplane. My dad set up this clinic where all the scouts can actually steer the plane when it was in the air. And that was of course really fun,” said Hite.

Each badge represents new skills Hite plans to take with him throughout his life.

Including the one he received the day before turning 18.

"It was digital technology, and I had to fill out this whole workbook. You had to do this thing on the computer and things like that. It was a nice relief when it was all done and a really good present for my birthday as well,” said Hite.

Hite says his merit badges represent his hard work as well as memories of those who helped him along the way.

"It took some effort to keep that drive. Most of it was from my friends and my family. They've been a big support and helping me to complete those goals and try to keep track of my time along the way,” said Hite.

The Boy Scouts only offer 138 badges.

He received his 143 when the Boy Scouts added additional badges in 2010.

Hite will graduate high school this year.

He plans to check some more things off his bucket list before applying for Purdue University to study Computer Science.

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