After shooting in church, SBPD chief addresses congregation


Police in South Bend say they still haven't made any arrests after a gunman entered a church on the city's northwest side and fired shots at a musician.

Police Chief Ron Teachman joined parishioners at the Kingdom Christian Center Church on Elwood Avenue Sunday.

Last Wednesday, police say a masked gunman walked into the church, fired shots at a man playing the drums, then ran away.

The man was not injured, but the bullets did do damage to the church.

Investigators say it likely wasn't an attack on the church, but they're having a hard time narrowing down a motive.

"It's particularly offensive, obviously," said Teachman, "not only to the person who was shot at, but the entire congregation, including the pastor, that someone brought that level of violence into a house of faith. And that's why I am here."

"It takes all of us working together - law enforcement, politicians, individuals and the church - if we are going to raise up our neighborhood," said Senior Pastor Canneth Lee.

The pastor hopes to sit down with the chief and other local lawmakers to come up with a plan to combat violence in the neighborhood.

Watch the full report from WSBT's Ed Ernstes above.