An inside look at the largest building project in Notre Dame history


It's the largest building project in Notre Dame history.

Massive upgrades to Notre Dame stadium with three brand-new buildings attached to it.

It's called the Crossroads Project.

For the first time, WSBT 22 is giving you a look inside.

Construction started back in 2014 and the finishing touches are still being made on this 800,000 square foot project.

Students and fans coming here this fall will see a new look and a new feel that will stick around long after the football season is over.

New signs bring you back to the old times of Notre Dame football.

A 1930's feel is complimented by new bathrooms, concessions and TV screens in the concourse area.

"The video board in the stadium is going to be a different experience for fans than what they're used to," said John Heisler, Senior Associate Athletic Director at the University of Notre Dame. "I think within the concourses, you're going to notice a nod to the Knute Rockne era."

"The combination of the conductivity, the wifi, the video board, all of those things are designed to enhance the fan experience so it's kind of a blend between the old and the new," Heisler said.

The Duncan Student Center and two academic halls will keep life in this complex year-round.

Students from psychology, anthropology will have new labs for research.

Musicians will get new recital halls that'll also be open to the public.

"To see them have the best possible work and to train their students in the best possible way, it's magical," said John McGreevy, the Dean of College of Arts and Letters.

A 500-seat ballroom will also be open to the public.

It's part of the Duncan Student Center, which is decorated with pieces from Notre Dame's past.

"I hate to say it, but this has actually been a 20-year dream for the University," said Erin Hoffmann Harding, the Vice President for Student Affairs.

Some of the roofs are breathing new life everyday too -- covered with plants to help manage stormwater.

Others... showing off the sweeping views of campus.

"These things always evolve to a certain extent and the question always comes, "can we do more," said Doug Marsh, Vice President of Design and Operations. "This is a transformational moment and it's a once in a lifetime opportunity and we want to make sure we take full advantage of it."

The final touches on the stadium are being done just in time for gameday.

Students will be moving into these buildings as early as September.

Some won't be fully move-in ready until January of next year.

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