Argos couple homeless after house fire


Fire destroyed a Marshall County home early Wednesday night, leaving the couple who lived there homeless.

Contrary to information initially told to WSBT, Argos Assistant Fire Chief Doug Middleton says the couple was home at the time but was able to escape the flames. At first, we were told the couple was not there.

However, they lost their pet dog, which died in the blaze.

Firefighters from four departments (Argos, Culver, Plymouth and Rochester) were called to the 16100 block of Linden Rd. in Argos shortly before 6 p.m.

Crews say the blaze started in the garage of the home, with most of the damage there. But Middleton says the fire spread to two homes in the house, making the two-story home a total loss.

Middleton says the fire was caused by an electrical problem.

The fire was under control by 8 p.m.

The couple was staying with family members Wednesday night.

Damage is estimated at $150,000.