Art program has kids painting, hiding and finding rocks in Goshen

The Goshen Painter's Guild came up with a program to get kids interested in art // WSBT 22 photo

When you think of art supplies, you may think of paint, a brush, or a canvas. The city of Goshen is adding another tool to their toolkit -- rocks.

The community there is really catching on to the idea.

The Goshen Painter's Guild started the movement of painting, hiding, and finding rocks as a way to open the door to creativity.

The painted rocks are a stepping stone into the world of art.

"I didn't think it would go that far or even maybe get off the ground," said Mary Jo Warstler with the Goshen Painter's Guild. "You know, because it started small with just members doing it first."

Now with an active Goshen Rocks Facebook page where others share their designs and finds, the organic movement is growing.

It seems everyone is getting involved in the hunt.

"I like finding them because I like the fun colors they put on them and stuff, and I like to have a little adventure every day," said Addison Yoder, rock hunter.

The guild hopes the small act of creativity and exploration will have a lasting impact.

"We want kids to be engaged in art, away from media a little bit -- outside, being with your family, exercise, excitement, getting to know Goshen," said Amanda Wagner with the Goshen Painter's Guild.

The Guild hopes the hunting lasts all summer and continues for years to come.

They ask you do not hide rocks on private property, in construction zones, or in grass for safety reasons.

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