Bar shooting


SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- People on Grant Street in South Bend are sick and tired of violence in their neighborhood and they want something done.

Early Saturday morning police were called to Johnny Mac's bar on Western Avenue for a fight when police arrived one person had been shot.

Grant Street is right around the corner from the bar.

Grant is a one-way and after the shooting someone drove the wrong way down that street damaging several cars.

Barbara Amick's red car was parked in the street but after it was hit by a vehicle going the wrong way down her one way street her car was knocked onto the sidewalk.

She says, "What happened to my car, what happened to my neighbor's car there's nothing I can do abouit it okay. It's done. What I can do now is voice the fact that it should've never happened."The gunshots woke up Ivan Sanchez .

He immediately ran to check on his kids to make sure they were alright.

Sanchez says the neighborhood used to be better.

He says, "This is where I live and this is where I've got my family and my kids are really afraid to live right here on this corner because it's been happening often."

Those who live on Grant Street want someone to pay attention to the problems that are going on in their neighborhood and some are calling for Johnny Mac's to be shut down.

Amick says, "If we're going to attract good businesses on this side of town we need to get rid of this kind of stuff.

City Council Member Oliver Davis says incidents like this justify the need for the city's recently passed chronic nuisance ordinance.

The ordinance doesn't go into effect until October 15th but City Council Member Tim Scott says there is a full-time officer in charge of investigating chronic nuisance complaints

Once a bar gets three complaints the officer will issue a warning and if there are five within 60 days that bar may be subject to a fine.

Amick says, "It'll only help if it's enforced and that's what I'm asking."

We tried calling Johnny Mac's bar, the site of last night's shooting, for a comment but we were not able to reach anyone.

At this time police haven't released any new information about the shooting victim or if any arrests have been made.