Beach near Mt. Baldy reopening Friday


The beach at the foot of Mt. Baldy is now safe for visitors.

Friday is the first time the public will be allowed on the beach since 2013...

That's when a young boy playing on the dunes of Mt. Baldy was swallowed by sand but miraculously survived.

At that time, researchers discovered that rotting trees under the dunes' surface were causing mysterious holes to open up. They also found erosion also prevented safe access to the beach area.

But now a designated trail from the parking lot will allow the public to come enjoy the popular beach.

The dune at Mt. Baldy will still remain closed for public safety and dune protection.

Scientists are still testing and assessing that area.

They are also working to stabilize the sand by planting dune grasses along the northern slope.

In the meantime to keep the public off the dune, the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore has installed fencing to restrict access from the beach.

The National Park Service is urging all visitors to obey posted signs and stay on marked trails.

While visitors can no longer climb the dune by themselves, ranger-guided hikes are available weekly.

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