Body of missing teen recovered in Lake Chapin identified


The body of a teen who went missing Monday night in Lake Chapin has been identified by police as 17-year-old Tyler Albers of Iowa.

Police say Albers was swimming Monday night with his cousin when they started yelling for help.

Dive teams continued a methodical search for the boy throughout the evening but called off their search just before 10 p.m.

The search resumed Tuesday morning.

The body of 17-year-old Tyler Albers was pulled from Lake Chapin in Berrien County Tuesday morning.

Albers and his family were here visiting relatives in the area.

His cousin was able to safely swim to shore.

The news of this drowning is hitting the small community of Berrien Springs very hard and it has police pleading with the public.

The 17-year-old's body was found around 10:30 in the morning.

Captain Paul Toliver with the Berrien County Sheriff's Department says, "It was up river approximately 300 yards from the Berrien Springs dam near one of the old train abutments."

Several agencies helped with the search and Toliver says this case was especially hard because a lot of them are parents.

The captain says the lake is a draw for people and a lot of times people swim out to the old train abutments and even jump off of them.

He adds, "We would like it very much if people didn't do that. However, it's something that occurs in this community and unfortunately this type of thing can happen."

Eric Dees says there isn't much to do in Berrien Springs so Lake Chapin is the main attraction.

He swims and fishes on the lake all the time and he's even jumped off the abutments before.

He calls them pilings.

Dees says, "You literally wind up swimming at least 200 yards out there to the pilings because the first one doesn't have anything to climb on but the second one does so you have to go past the first one and down to the second one and it's a pretty long trip if you're not good at swimming."

He and his friends were devastated to hear that someone died in Lake Chapin.

One woman who lives near the lake says she went to school with the victim's cousin.

She says in Berrien Springs everyone knows one another so this drowning is a real tragedy for the community.

Michelle Masarira says, "I simply could've just went swimming yesterday and it could've been me like it's really heartbreaking and to know he's around our age and it's really sad."

The captain says people have drowned in Lake Chapin before but it's been several years since the last time.


The missing boy was here for his cousin's graduation, which was supposed to be a joyous occasion and now has apparently taken a very sad turn.

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