'Flick on the Field' takes advantage of Notre Dame Stadium's new video board

Flick on the Field at Notre Dame stadium // WSBT 22 photo 

For some it's the equivalent of Christmas morning -- a time they wait all year long for.

We are in the final countdown to Notre Dame football season officially starting.

On Friday night Notre Dame helped fans get even more pumped for football season by also showing off its new video board. The university is held a free movie screening.

And not just any movie -- a movie that had parts filmed on that very campus: "Rudy"!

For those who don't know, "Rudy" is an inspiring story about Daniel "Rudy" Ruettiger, who harbored dreams of playing football at Notre Dame but had to overcome significant obstacles.

The brand new video board is part of the Campus Crossroads project, which is a $400 million dollar project providing major upgrades to the stadium and three other buildings adjacent to the stadium.

Larry Buysse and his grandson came to check out the flick.

Buysse says he was an extra in the film.

"In the one scene at the end when the mother and father come up and they come out of this gate over here. My daughter and I are up in the corner. It's quick but you can see it.”

Rudy is the story about an underdog who overcomes obstacles to achieve his dream of playing Notre Dame football.

It's a tale that still resonates with people of all generations.

“I love the movie,” said Hannah Chenoweth, a Saint Mary’s College freshman. “My whole family went here so this is like a tradition for me. The sense of the community, coming together is just awesome. You can't find that anywhere else."

Fans eager for the start of the new season say they were impressed by the upgraded stadium and they can't wait to attend many games in the future.

Watch the full report from Veronica Ortega in the video above.

Notre Dame football special

Kickoff to the Irish season is now just 8 days away.

WSBT 22 is getting you ready for the home-opener against Temple.

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