Catholic Diocese in Ohio discouraging participation in Ice Bucket Challenge


The Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS research has gone more than viral, it has raised over $53 million in just a few weeks thanks to the social media sensation.

The challenge is simple. Participants dump a bucket of ice-cold water over their heads and post the video to social media, challenging three others to either do the same within 24 hours, or make a donation to the ALS Association.

But a Roman Catholic Diocese in Cincinnati, Ohio is discouraging its 113 schools from participating in the challenge.

It says the ALS group's funding of embryonic stem cell research goes against Catholic teaching.

Locally, Fort Wayne South Bend Diocese hasn't made any comment about the viral challenge, but Bishop Kevin Rhoades is directing Catholics that want to donate to send money to the John Paul the Second Medical Research Institute in Iowa City.

You can also send your donations to:

John Paul II Medical Research Institute

540 E. Jefferson St.Suite 305Iowa City, IA 52245

Phone: (319) 688-7367