CITY: The Vine pays nearly $31,000 in back rent


The city of South Bend has some breaking news on a popular downtown restaurant.

The Vine was forced to close late last week after failing to pay nearly $31,000 rent on the city-owned property.

The restaurant did reopen over the weekend, and now the spokesperson for the mayor's office says the owner of The Vine has paid the full rent of $30,825.83.

"On Monday, representatives of The Vine paid the balance of the amount that was promised to be repaid on Saturday," said City Attorney Cristal Brisco. Thereafter, The Vine resumed full operational control of the premises. The Vine's current lease with the City, set to expire at the end of June, remains in effect.

People from The Vine met with people from the city Saturday to pay more than half of the rent that was owed.

South Bend still had the keys and access to the property, but Brisco said in the spirit of flexibility and support of small businesses, the restaurant was allowed to open.