Cleveland Township Fire Department receives pet oxygen masks from South Bend company

The Cleveland Township Fire Department demonstrates pet oxygen masks donated by a South Bend company. // Heather Black, WBST 22 Reporter photo

The Cleveland Township Fire Department will now be able to help your furry friends in a fire. The department received several pet oxygen masks to carry with them.

These masks were donated by South Bend company Invisible Fence, which installs electronic fences for dogs.

In the past several years, they've provided local fire departments pet oxygen masks to help communities keep their pets safe.

When answering a call, Cleveland Township firefighters make sure they're prepared for any scenario. Now, they're able to make sure your whole family is safe.

"A normal oxygen mask for a human being is price wise to be $1.50 to $2. When a pet mask this in general is like $70 or higher. So this is a huge donation for us, for our community and our township and stuff to have these on our vehicle now for this use,” said Assistant Chief Michael Graham.

Graham says it couldn't have come at a better time.

“A typical house might have a dog or a cat or a numerous dogs and cats, but lately you've had the people -- we've had exotic animals. Animals now that they have snakes and lizards and a couple of those things going on now,” said Graham.

Invisible Fence donated pet oxygen masks.

Sales Representative Terry Cegielski says they're important when saving a pet's life.

"Being smaller, they're susceptible to bad air -- smokey air -- in the event of a fire. So it's real important to specifically treat the size pet with the proper fitting pet oxygen mask,” said Cegielski.

In the past two years, around 40 pet oxygen masks have been donated to local departments.

Cegielski says they're already paying off.

"In September of 2016, the city of Rochester Fire Department used one of our donated kits to save Max the dog. The house was devastated by the fire, but they were able to save Max and use the pet oxygen mask kit for that purpose. And it was successful,” said Cegielski.

The department says it's important that you make firefighters aware you have animals.

You can contact your local fire station so they can put the information into their computer.

That way if there is an emergency, they'll know how many animals you have.

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