Coast Guard, good Samaritan rescue 7 from sinking vessel in Lake Michigan


The Coast Guard and a good Samaritan rescued seven people Saturday evening after a vessel began taking water in southern Lake Michigan.

Around 4:30 p.m., the Coast Guard in Milwaukee received a distress call from a passenger aboard a 28-foot boat, with six other people aboard, stating their boat was taking on water.

An urgent marine information broadcast was issued asking mariners to keep a sharp lookout, assist if able and report all sighting to the nearest Coast Guard unit.

A good Samaritan responded to the UMIB and transferred five of the seven people to their boat while two people stayed aboard to attempt to dewater it.

Two boat crews from the Coast Guard stationed in Michigan City were also dispatched to the area, a 45-foot response boat and a 25-foot response boat.

The 25-foot response boat arrived on scene and reported that the boat's bilge pump was working, but unable to keep up with flooding. Due to the flooding, the vessel began to capsize and the remaining two people were taken aboard the response boat.

The vessel capsized before the 45-foot response boat could arrive on scene.

All passengers were accounted for with no injuries reported. The seven passengers were taken to shore in Burns Ditch.

A broadcast notice has been issued to mariners to be aware of the capsized vessel while Station Michigan City assists the owner with contacting a salvage company.