COLD CASE UPDATE: New developments in Jodi Parrack murder mystery


A team of investigators recruited to help crack a southwest Michigan cold case is speaking publicly about new developments in the murder of 11-year-old Jodi Parrack.

In 2007, Parrack's mother found her body in a cemetery across from their Constantine home.

A cold case team has been working the past three years to find the killer.Last month, police arrested 46-year-old Ray McCann. He's accused of lying about the 7-year-old cold case.

But no one is accused of murder in the case.

Investigators say they will continue to work as long as it takes.

For the last 3 1/2 years, Detective Trooper Brian Fuller has poured over every detail of Jodi Parrack's murder, following up on more than 1,500 tips.

"With every tip that we close, it's one step closer we are to finding that person," said Fuller.

Sgt. Shane Criger says the cold case team started from the very beginning, determined not to overlook any small detail or piece of evidence.

"Everything you see here, which is over 7,000 pages, we've scanned into documents and made them searchable," Criger added.

Michigan State Police was called in by the Constantine police chief, taking the job in 2009, based on the unsolved case.

"You don't want to lose this in court over some minor mistake you made, so when we're ready to go to court, we want to know we're going to convict the person," said Chief Jim Bedell.

All are putting in the time, finding renewed hope in the perjury arrest of former reserve officer Ray McCann, more determined than ever to charge little Jodi's killer with murder.

Dozens of people throughout the community have been interviewed time and time again, watching as the cold case takes shape, confident their persistence will pay off, however long it takes.