Concord teacher's boyfriend enlists students to help with proposal

Photo provided.

A teacher at Concord West Side Elementary School is now hunting for something old, something new, something borrowed and blue!

She had a surprise proposal with the help of some little hands, her students! Melissa Morey teaches kindergarten, and got the surprise of a lifetime. They lured her into the school gym, and the love of her life asked her to be his forever in a pretty special way.

What started as a seemingly normal day....

“We been together for a long time, so it's something that we talked about, but not a lot so it was really out of the blue,” says Morey.

...ended up being the most important day of Melissa Morey's life.

"I was in shock the whole time."

Melissa was lured to the gym by coworkers for a supposed poetry slam with her class..

“I started to realize that I was the only one out of the loop -- apparently everyone knew."

And there waiting were her coworkers and students.

"So when I noticed they all had signs and they were hidden underneath the table cloths. "

And one by one, each of her students revealed their part of the surprise.

"So each one of them stood up and had signs and they had letters spelling out 'Will you marry me?' and then my now-fiancé came out and had the ring."

Still in shock, Melissa said yes.

In her eyes, the perfect proposal.

"I love teaching. I love the kids, so it's a huge part of my life and he knows that, so I just think that he honored that for me."

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