Cook Nuclear Plant refueling brings 1,000+ contractors to Berrien County

Cook Nuclear Plant // WSBT 22 photo 

The Cook Nuclear Plant will be shut down Wednesday for a major project.

Crews will start refueling and maintenance at Cook's unit 1 reactor.

Because of that the company is bringing in over 1,000 workers from all over to help Cook's 1,200-person staff with operations.

The reactor has already been reduced to 50 percent power for equipment testing.

The outage will be extended so crews can do inspections and replace internal components.

The arrival of the contractors is boosting the local economy.

Traditionally when summer comes to an end and we start to feel the brisk fall air, that's bad news for this area. What locals call the "off season."

Local businesses that would normally see a bit a lull during this time -- they're now seeing a boom in business.

Ray's Motel in Stevensville is already almost booked. The motel manager says most of these visitors are workers from the Cook Plant.

That's not all. Over at Galley Grill the head servers says business has more than doubled because of the out-of-town workers.

The contractors will be here between now and right before Christmas

Work will take a couple of months.

Unit 2 remains at 100 percent power.

Watch the full report from WSBT 22's Alex Elich in the video above.

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