Cooper Standard plant in Plymouth to close

The Cooper Standard Automotive plant in Plymouth is set to close. // WSBT 22 photo

A big employer in Marshall County is closing its doors. Cooper Standard Automotive says it's shutting down its Plymouth plant.

Cooper Standard employs 160 people who make fuel- and brake-line components. An employee told WSBT 22 they got the announcement Monday, and the plant will close at the end of June. But those employees may not be out of work long.

Company leaders say they'll try to find jobs at Cooper Standard's joint venture NISCO in Bremen. They're also working with state and local officials to find work for employees who can't be placed with NISCO.

The president of the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation says that shouldn't be a problem.

"We just had pretzels company just open the doors, and they're actually in production today. Unemployment is right around 3.8 percent. We announced probably over $60 million of capital investment for 2016. We're anticipating two other business announcements at the end of the year that didn't come to fruition that should come to fruition probably in the next two months,” said Marshall County Economic Development Corporation president Jerry Chavez.

Leaders with Cooper Standard say the decision to close was a financial one. They say the Plymouth facility is too small to make enough money to compete. Business will be moved to a larger facility where production will be more cost effective.

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