Boil advisory in effect after large downtown LaGrange fire

Taken from drone footage by Andrew J. Klopfenstein

Right now there is a boil advisory in place for LaGrange after this large downtown commercial fire.

The fire broke out around 10 a.m. Tuesday morning.

It caused the building that housed the Family Dollar store to collapse.

Despite the destruction, the small town of LaGrange is coming together so they can begin rebuilding.

"People do live in these buildings, they really do and it's not all about fun let's see this building come down. Lives are really impacted because a lot of people have a lot of hard work into these homes,” said April Johnloz.

Johnloz woke up to the smell of smoke in her apartment. Hours later, she stands with the crowd hoping the fire comes to an end.

"My daughter came up and told me we have a fire going, and this is my life history and I was born in raised in this town. It's pretty sad,” said Debra Johnson.

As time went on, the crowd became busy. People came in droves from local businesses or homes offering help.

First responders were fed and hydrated as they continued to battle the flames.

"The local citizens in LaGrange County, the ones that are here, they have been more than gracious on giving us enough room, as well as, helping us do anything we ask. If we ask them to help pass out bottled water, help pass out food they have been more than gracious in giving us a hand. I cannot them enough as well,” said Fire Chief, Dave Elick.

Even as the sun began to set, locals remained to assist the fire departments. It created a spark of community that a fire couldn't put out.

"We're going to bounce back, no doubt about it. It might take a while to rebuild all the stuff and get all the debris but we'll bounce back eventually,” said Katelyn McBride.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

Fire officials say it took so long to put out because the building is so old. They also mentioned it was built with old timber which burns hotter and longer than usual. They worked through the night and as of Wednesday morning were still on scene to monitor hot spots.

They are current;y waiting on fire investigators, according to county dispatch.

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