Dead fish discovered at Pike Lake


Indiana DNR is getting reports of a large amount of dead fish. They've been seen floating in at least two Kosciusko County lakes.

Robert Schultz has been fishing on Kosciusko County Lakes for thirty some years.

"A lot of good memories," he said.

He knows all the lakes like the back of his hand, but he saw something rare early Monday morning at Pike Lake.

"...Probably about 7, 7:30, this whole bank right here was completely full right here all the way around, that bank was completely full cause the water was calm and the wind wasn't blowing," Schultz said.

The bank was full of dead Gizzard Shad.

"It's absolutely everywhere," Schultz said.

The harsh winter killed a lot of shad. The DNR says this type of fish just can't handle the freezing temperatures.

"Probably about four years, it's been this solid of a freeze," Schultz said.

He says he's seen hundreds of dead fish...

"There's some shad like this big that's died," he said stretching his hands wide.

At Pike Lake, a lot of the dead shad have been gobbled up by birds and larger fish, but fisherman like Schultz expect to see more.

The DNR says it's also received reports of dead shad at Winona Lake. Again, a spokesperson says they died from the cold weather. But if other fish are found dead, he says it would likely have something to do with a lack of oxygen produced by plants.