Del Monte to close Plymouth plant


More than 100 people will soon be looking for work. Del Monte Foods in Plymouth is shutting down production.

The city is going to be hit hard by this.

The building is the fourth largest water and waste water customer in Plymouth.

Just down the street was the city's first largest consumer -- Bay Valley. It announced it was closing last month.

Despite those serious losses, city leaders are still optimistic

“It's never good when a city or an entity loses a company like that,” said Mayor Mark Senter.

Senter says he's worried about Del Monte's employees. Starting in November they'll be unemployed. He says that job loss is a big blow to Plymouth's ego.

"There's a lot of positive things but when you hear and see things like this it's sort of takes away from that a little bit,” said Senter.

He says there's a lot of growth in Plymouth.

"There's probably 300 jobs throughout the county that are open. If you drive down Oak Drive you'll see help wanted signs all the way down,” he said. "Culver Tool is starting a new factory soon and they probably have more than 100 jobs there and they'll be growing

Another big company is growing in Plymouth, also in food processing.

"Just recently we announced pretzels corporation with a major capital investment and they're up 100-percent of their capacity and we hope that they'll be making some announcements pretty soon in terms of their expansion,” said Jerry Chavez, President of the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation.

Chavez says Del Monte's facilities could become an asset to the area.

"We have two large food processors with infrastructure and term the infrastructure as assets,” he said.

He says it wouldn't be too hard to attract a new food processing company to fill the space. He and Senter agree Plymouth's economy is strong.

"Well get through it. We're a positive bunch here in Plymouth, Indiana,” Senter said.

Senter says there's a lot of other exciting stuff happening in Plymouth. He says there are new apartments being built on the south side of town.

There's also a new soccer and aquatics in the works on the west side.

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