DCS documents give new info on mom accused of killing kids

WSBT 22 has learned brand new information about a mother accused of killing her two children.

It comes through recently-obtained records from the Indiana Department of Child Services.

Prosecutors say 29-year-old Amber Pasztor killed her two children last September.

Autopsy results showed the children died of asphyxiation.

The records detail DCS involvement with Pasztor and her children, including allegations of child abuse and neglect.

There are nearly 1,500 pages of information, which include accusations filed with several DCS offices across Indiana and Texas.

Records say 6-year-old Rene Pasztor loved riding the bus to day care and always played with toys.

Documents say his sister Liliana Hernandez loved to brush hair and do makeup.

She died a few days before her 8th birthday.

According to documents, a DCS assessment involving the children was first opened in 2011 in Noble County, after reports of Renee and Liliana having "bruises all over their body."

After several unsuccessful attempts to locate or contact Amber Pasztor, documents say the local office director ordered the case to be closed.


WSBT 22 found roughly a dozen accusations of child abuse or neglect that were filed with several DCS offices, including those in Allen and Johnson counties.

Records show many of the accusations were found to be "unsubstantiated."

In one case of alleged neglect, documents say Pasztor was moving back and forth between Texas and Indiana, often leaving the children with other family members.

According to an August 2014 report, Pasztor met with a family case manager in Fort Wayne.

Documents say she reported that she is "bi-polar and doesn't have medications."

On the same day, documents say the case manager also met with Rene and Liliana.

Reports show Liliana said that she was about to start kindergarten and was "excited for school to start" and "excited to go to the park and learn stuff."

The case manager also reported that Liliana said "she feels safe with her mother," documents say.

Documents also detail several scheduled and unannounced visits made to Pasztor's home by the Department of Child Services.

Records say Rene and Liliana "appeared to be healthy and well-groomed" during an October 2014 visit. Documents say both children reported that they "felt safe."

However, records show that allegations of neglect continued.

Documents say Pasztor began to get upset over the allegations, saying [her] "relatives need to stop causing me more stress. They just want custody of my kids."

However, DCS officials didn't find many of the claims to be true, according to the documents.

Documents say family members referred to Pasztor as "unstable" and "unable to care for her children."

Reports say Pasztor admitted to moving her children, particularly Rene, back and forth between Fort Wayne and Texas.

In March 2015, documents say Pasztor learned of another report made to DCS, alleging abuse or neglect.

Reports say she told a family case manager "that her family made the report and they're not trying to help her," and went on to say that "she loves her children but knows she needs help."

Pasztor went on to tell the case manager that she had moved from Fort Wayne to Texas in October 2014, then came back around Christmas to pick up Rene, documents say.

Documents also say Pasztor reported that she lived with a "bad man" when she was in Texas who "held a gun to her head." Reports say she told a case manager "he threatened to kill her," and that she admitted she "fell off the bandwagon" after moving to Texas. Records show Pasztor tested positive for meth in a hair-follicle test requested by officials at the DCS in Texas, but agreed to counseling and outpatient services.

Records say Pasztor went on to say, "no one is going to take my kids."

Documents say a case manager with Allen County was in contact with officials at a Texas DCS office.

Reports say a case manager there confirmed the agency received "several reports" alleging neglect of Rene, starting in December 2014.

Texas DCS officials said Rene had "withdrew" from preschool, according to the documents, which go on to say that Pasztor reportedly picked up someone else's child after school. Documents go on to say that school personnel witnessed Pasztor "putting the child into a U-Haul trailer she was pulling on the back of her truck."

Records say Pasztor denied the acts, but go on to say that school personnel opened the trailer and found "three children in all, one believed to be Rene." The report says school personnel called the family case manager who then contacted police, but were unable to locate Pasztor.

That same report continues on, saying Lilana, Rene and Pasztor's other child were placed in the care of relatives in March of 2015.

Records say a court order didn't allow any visitation with Pasztor at that time since she was in jail, after failing to appear in court on an operating without a license charge.

WSBT 22 is going to continue digging through these documents to learn more about what happened to these children between the time they were taken away from Pasztor and when they died in September, 2016.

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