Documents say Pasztor made numerous threats to kill her children before deadly abduction

New information Wednesday in the case of a mother accused of killing her two kids.

WSBT 22 has obtained documents from the Indiana Department of Child Services that shed light into the case of 29-year-old Amber Pasztor.

There are more than a thousand pages in the report, which includes records on Pasztor's involvement with DCS.

The documents give details about Pasztor's apparent struggle with mental illness, legal troubles and drug use.

Documents say those are some of the reasons why her children were taken away from her in 2015.

Records say Pasztor's parents had legal custody of 6-year-old Rene Pasztor and 7-year-old Liliana Hernandez before they were reported abducted and killed in September.

The Day After

Documents reviewed Wednesday detail what family members say happened leading up to the deaths of Rene and Liliana.

The day after the children were found dead in Elkhart, documents say family members told a DCS official that Pasztor made previous threats to kill her two kids.

Records say family members said Pasztor was "completely unstable."

Documents say a DCS case manager reported that some family members told the children to run away if they ever saw Pasztor, because family "believed" she would hurt them.

Documents say they told a DCS official that Pasztor text messaged a family member asking them to "kill the children and her and to shoot them."

The report goes on to say that family members learned from police of a trail into the woods behind their house "where it appeared that somebody was camping out watching their home and they believe that Amber was watching their home."

Records show the day after the children were reported missing, family members told DCS officials that Pasztor broke down the door of her parents Fort Wayne home and stole the kids.

Rene and Liliana were then subjects of an Amber Alert.

Police say the two were later found dead in the car Pasztor was driving in Elkhart.

Autopsy results show the children died of asphyxiation.

In a report made by the Elkhart Police Department obtained through the Department of Child Services, officers say Pasztor admitted to police that she "smothered the children to prevent them from being murdered by the cartel."

Documents go on to say that Pasztor also told police that the cartel "was chasing her family and that they had already hacked the children's father to pieces and were going to kill her children next."

WSBT 22 has learned through the Whitley County Sheriff's Department that the children's father was killed in 2010 in Fort Wayne. Police say his body was deposited in the woods in Whitley County.

A detective told WSBT 22 that police believe his death was "drug and money related" but went on to say that police were never able to prove that because the prime suspect in the case was later found dead.

In the documents, an Elkhart Police officer reported that Pasztor told officers "that she didn't want her kids to die like that so she smothered them with a pillow so they could die peacefully."

Another report says Pasztor told police in an interview, "when I stopped I knew I was at a police department. I could not stand to see my kids back there."

Reports also say Pasztor told police "there's somebody else dead that I shot." Documents say Pasztor later encountered a social worker at Elkhart General Hospital and she "started talking about shooting an old man, stating she has never killed anyone in her life and how scared she was to shoot the gun at the old man and how good she aimed it and shot him one time with the big gun."

Pasztor's conversation with the social was inconsistent and hard to follow, according to reports made by police.

The body of 66-year-old Frank Macomber was found not far from the home where the children were reported taken.

Another report says Pasztor told police "Frank is behind the woods with a tent, in Allen County. His is dead. Frank set me up. He is after my kids."

That case is being handled in Allen County.

Charges haven't been filed in his death.

Police say Pasztor was driving his car when the children were found in Elkhart.

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