Dog rescued from icy St. Joseph River


A dog is back home after being stuck in the icy cold St. Joseph River on Monday.

His name is Zeke.

South Bend Animal Care and Control says Zeke got trapped in the water along Northside Blvd.

An officer says another dog, we're told Zeke's brother, ran up and down the riverbank into traffic trying to get someone's attention.

A woman working at the YMCA saw it and called 911.

Fire crews used a ladder truck to reach the dog and quickly got him out of the water.

"He obviously had been in there awhile," said Natalie Tavernir, the person who called 911. "He had ice on his face and was completely soaked, and I could hear his breathing start to slow down."

"We train on this kind of stuff," added South Bend Fire Capt. Chris Baker. "Kind of had a plan of attack when we got here, so it was really quick, a couple of minutes."

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Firefighters warmed up Zeke. The other dog went home. Neighbors notified Zeke's owner, and he eventually went home, too, after a stop at South Bend's animal shelter.