DTSB estimates South Bend power outage losses at $3 million


The cost of the recent power outage in downtown South Bend is estimated to be $3 million.

Downtown South Bend Incorporated came up with that figure after taking into account specific numbers from businesses and others that were impacted.

DTSB says it could've been even worse.

Downtown businesses and organizations spent $125,000 on generators or other temporary power solutions.

If that didn't happen the estimated loss might have been closer to $6 million.

Swolfies Pizza and Subs in downtown South Bend has only been open for a couple months.

The owner says the restaurant wasn't able to hook up a generator because the building isn't wired for it.

Stephen Wolf says, "Unless we were to pay for a company to come in and spend even more money wiring in a big generator directly into our system which being a new business we weren't able to do that."

As a result the restaurant was closed every day during the power outage.

The owner says they usually do about $1,500 worth of business on a Friday and the same is true for Saturday.

Wolf estimates the total loss his restaurant experienced during the power outage is $5,000.

He adds, "What impacted us the most was the people that we had scheduled to come in for parties. We had a couple different parties coming in for pizza parties before the graduation."

DTSB says the $3 million estimate factored in lost sales and inventory, decreased productivity as well as damage to equipment and technology among other things.

It also took into account the impact on individual homes, Memorial Hospital and the City of South Bend itself.

The executive director of DTSB says some had better contingency plans than others.

Aaron Perri says, "We saw losses reported from as small as $10,000 upwards of $200,000 so there's certainly a range."

The owner of Swolfies has already been in contact with his insurance company.

Indiana Michigan Power has a phone number people or businesses impacted by the power outage can call to get information about filing a claim.

I and M says they are calling or mailing the contact information for filing a claim to those impacted.

If they miss you you can call I and M directly.

During the power outage the City of South Bend had increased police presence, employees of the street department worked overtime, the city got generators to power the Century Center and South Bend also paid to fuel those temporary lights at the intersections.

The city hasn't come up with an exact figure but the estimate is that the power outage cost the city tens of thousands of dollars.

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