Elkhart celebrating fire department's 150th anniversary


It is a big weekend to start a year of events in Elkhart. This marks the 150th year for the city's fire department.

The city renamed part of East Street in honor of former firefighter Earl Garl.

He was the first Elkhart firefighter to die in the line of duty back in 1908.

This weekend the city will host the "Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge"

It's the first time it's being held in the region.

The fire chief says events like this are a source of pride.

"The mayor loves having events downtown for the people. This is free for the public to attend. There's going to be a kids event, there's going to be vendors there, we're just looking to bring the community into the fire department like it was in previous years," said Elkhart Fire Chief Chad Carey.

The combat challenge tomorrow and Saturday is free. It will feature a "guns versus hoses" challenge between police and firefighters.

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