Elkhart Grand Prix making a comeback after 20 year hiatus


This weekend the streets in downtown Elkhart will come alive with racing. In this case, go-kart racing.

After a 20 year hiatus the Elkhart Grand Prix is making a comeback.

More than 130 racers are ready to go.

City crews laid the groundwork along the Riverwalk Thursday.

The United States Auto Club sanctioned the event on a sixth tenth of a mile course.

"We were tasked by the city to help them bring back the grand prix, which hasn't been here in 22 years. It’s in a very different environment, so one about safety and two about building an event, not just a race,” said Kevin Miller.

There'll be some fun celebrity races but it will mainly involve amateur drivers.

“We're very thrilled that we have already 130 racers coming, so we are very thrilled with the car count and thrilled that the type of people coming here are here for fun,” said Miller. “They will be racing because they are competitors and they will be winning trying to go for that new special trophy that we have built for the City of Elkhart."

A lot of organizations, groups and city departments have had a hand in making this a reality. A lot of planning and effort went on behind the scenes to make this even happen.

“We've had a lot of meetings on that, on the race, setting it up, what to cone off, what to fence off, it’s been interesting. We've done it in the past so a lot of people knew what we had to do,” said Marty Morgan with the street department.

“We want to have a lot of fun, come on down and enjoy the city. The Riverwalk is a beautiful place. We think it’s going to be the most iconic, beautiful place to race for karting in America,” said Miller. “We're here to build it, this is year one and we want to grow this in the next few years.”

Friday evening there will be a lot of events. Saturday and Sunday different racing events will be held.

The event is free and open to the public.

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