Elkhart kids help families in need for Christmas


Students at an Elkhart elementary school pitched in to make Christmas a little brighter for families.

Their small gesture will help feed families with kids in their very own school.

It's happening at Roosevelt School.

Students there helped sort and pack food for a Christmas meal that will go to 40 different families who live near the school.

The school teamed up with a community partner, who collected donations to buy the food and had asked it go to needy families in the school.

"We got the staff and asked for some names, and we just kind of tried to spread the wealth throughout our families," said Parent Support Coordinator Tonda Hines. "Some have two or three kids, some have five or six kids in the family."

Among other things, the program helps families of students in the local neighborhoods, but it also provides a valuable life lesson about the importance of giving, instead of receiving, especially this time of the year.

"When people give, they feel enlightened, like they want to do even more," said 6th grader Robert Burnett. "It makes me feel like I am doing a positive thing for the planet."

"I think it's important to give, because people might not have enough money, might not have any money to buy food that they need, or they might starve to death," added 5th grader David Hernandez.

The hope is the good works they are doing this Christmas season will be a life lesson they soon won't forget.

The holiday food assistance program is proving to be so successful this week that Roosevelt School plans to do it again next year.