Elkhart man sentenced to prison after selfie blunder in home invasion


An Elkhart man will spend at many as 15 years in prison in large part because of a selfie he left behind during a crime earlier this year.

Deon Goodwin took a selfie on a phone that was left for police to find in the getaway vehicle after a home invasion in April.

The Cass County prosecutor used the selfie as evidence in the home invasion case.

Three men have been convicted for their roles in the break-in.

A judge sentenced Deon Goodwin to 2 to 15 years in prison on Friday.

Goodwin, Paris Banks, and Robert Goodwin have all been convicted in the break-in.

They say Deon Goodwin took a selfie, but while running away from the homeowner, he left the cell phone in the car, and police used it to catch him.

The other two have not been sentenced.