Elkhart man slapped with 60-year prison sentence for murder


A 20-year-old Elkhart man is headed to prison for a long time for murder.

Leeshawn Rodgers has been sentenced to 60 years behind bars for the April 2013 shooting death of Eddie "Mississippi" Johnson.

Evidence from the trial shows Rodgers shot Johnson in broad day light and then immediately fled the scene.

According to forensic evidence, Rodgers shot Johnson three times at point blank range.

Rodgers was captured nearly two weeks after the murder by police in Indianapolis. He was hiding in his sister's apartment.

Indy police also found drugs and two loaded handguns in the apartment.

Even though several people testified they saw Rodgers shoot Johnson, Rodgers' attorney argued another person was the actual shooter. The jury, though, didn't buy that argument.

At the sentencing hearing, Rodgers' lawyer argued for a lesser sentence due to his client's age at the time of the murder and his troubled youth.

Judge Terry Shewmaker, citing Rodgers' frequent run-ins with the law, both as an adult and juvenile, quickly discounted those arguments.

The court noted that Rodgers laid in wait for Johnson, committed the shooting around 4 p.m. as children were walking home from school and immediately fled the scene as Johnson lay dying.