Elkhart Memorial HS student wins car


"Dad, I just won a car. I just won a car at school for perfect attendance. I won the car."

An Elkhart Memorial High School freshman has her own car.

Krystal Grubb was one of the 282 Memorial students whose names were entered in the car contest based on attendance.

On Tuesday, Krystal's name was drawn, giving her a 2006 PT Cruiser, something she didn't expect.

"I didn't even know," said a seemingly shocked Krystal. "I knew I was eligible for this, but I didn't go down to the office and get my certificate or whatever. I didn't really know. So, I was just sitting in the crowd, waiting for somebody else to get it, and they called my name. I was like, 'Um, okay, I guess."

Krystal also plays on the state finalist tennis team, so when she gets her license, she will have something to get her to practice.

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