Elkhart opens new dog park

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Dog owners will soon have a new place to take their fury friends.

The "Dr. Frank Booth Bark Park" opens Thursday in Elkhart at Baldwin Street, near High Dive Park.

Sara Hurst and her dog Riker were one of the first to enjoy the Elkhart Dog Park after the dedication ceremony.

"We are really excited about it. We normally walk in a park every Wednesday night so when we found out that the park was opening tonight we were really excited to come check it out,” said Hurst.

The park took about a year to complete. Mayor Tim Neese says this park is another addition to help bring people to the area.

Especially those looking to live in one of the new luxury apartments down the road. Stonewater at the Riverwalk complex was just approved this week.

"This is not very far we're at the apartments will be constructed so this is just an additional feature that we want people to have as the residents of the City of Elkhart,” said Mayor Neese.

Before enjoying the park, Mayor Neese says dog owners will need to become a member. This year the fee will cost $12 and $18 for registration. Next year, memberships will cost 25.

"We wanted this to be as safe as possible. We didn't want to have a lot of situations where people do not feel like they could come here and bring their dog. We wanted them to feel comfortable,” said Mayor Neese.

Dogs will also need to be updated on their shots before entering the dog park. Hurst says those rules will help keep her dog safe.

"I think that's a really good sign when anything new gets added to the city because it's going to draw more interest and you know get more people outside and exercising,” Hurst said.

The dog park will open to the public Thursday. You can get an application to become a member at city hall. That's when you will get your key pass.

Contact Controller's office for more information at 574-294-5471.

Memberships can be purchased at Elkhart Parks and Recreation, 201. S. 2nd Street in Elkhart.

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