Elkhart students spend night in cardboard boxes to raise awareness about homelessness

Elkhart students in spend a night in a cardboard box to raise awareness about homelessness.

A group of high school students are getting a glimpse of what it's like to be homeless.

They’re sleeping outside with little to no shelter.

Students at Jimtown High are building their shelter as they prepare for a night out in the cold.

"We are doing this to raise awareness for people who don't have homes. We're staying out here in boxed homes and all these things just like the homeless would,” said Gwenivere Seegers.

Many students say they'll stay here until Saturday night at 5 p.m. They say it's the best way for them to see firsthand what it's like to be homeless.

Students are also taking donations like winter clothes, blankets and canned food.

They plan to use signs to alert drivers about their event. And even call family and friends.

"So every couple of hours we're – each person is going to make a phone call to 5 people. That's it. Just 5 people to family and friends. We're going to tell them what we're doing and ask them to come out and support us and bring donations,” said Seegers.

Senior Miranda Tucker says she is happy to be part of a great cause.

"I thought it was at first a little scary but then I got used to the idea and thought this again is a great cause and definitely something I should invest my time into,” said Tucker.

Tucker says by enduring this one cold night, she hopes to truly understand what it's like to be homeless.

"I'm hoping that I can really put myself in the mind of a homeless person. Be able to understand fully what they actually go through. So I'll help more on the cause in the future,” said Tucker.

Despite their busy schedules, Seegers says she's thankful that her classmate are helping bring awareness.

"These people have gone through so much and they deserve so so much. It's great that these people are willing to come out even after their sports practice. Even though they have plans right after it tomorrow, to come out and do something for these deserving people,” said Seeger.

They hope the next time you go to sleep in a warm bed, you remember those who are less fortunate.

All the donations are being raised for Faith Mission in Elkhart.

You can drop off donations at Jimtown High School through Saturday night. Or you can donate directly to Faith Mission.

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