FACT FINDER: 'Deplorable conditions' reported at Mishawaka Cemetery


Neighbors in Mishawaka are outraged by what some are calling deplorable conditions at the city cemetery.

Amy Toth, who lives close to the Mishawaka Cemetery, says sadly over the last eight years, this cemetery has deteriorated.

"It's gotten way worse, the upkeep and the maintenance on this, absolutely horrid," describes Toth.

Last November, a storm ripped through the property causing even more destruction.

Toth was walking with her son a few weeks ago when he made a gruesome discovery."He found bones, spine bone, hip bone, all the bones you see down there," Toth said. "I think somebody cut that at least and put these people back right.. It's disrespectful."

Mishawaka Mayor Dave Wood wouldn't talk with WSBT on camera but on the phone said, "When the storm hit, the clean-up costs were not in their budget, so we had to find a way to pay for this delicate operation, removing trees without damaging more tombstones. Then, winter came, making it increasingly more difficult."

Mayor Wood says crews are cleaning up the cemetery now, and WSBT did see evidence of that.

For Toth, she says the city has had months to take away the trees and the repairs needed go back years.

"It's not being taken care of properly. So yeah, I'm not going to be buried; I'm gong to be cremated because of things like this."