Families celebrate Father's Day at the zoo

Families celebrate Father's Day at the zoo. //WSBT 22 Photo.

Families across Michiana celebrated Father's Day-- many spent the day at the Potawatomi Zoo.

Tim Decook was there with his two children, and it was his first time his son was there.

"Every day is a great day with them, you know, but Father's Day is just kind of the one day you celebrate being a dad and how much fun it is," says Decook.

Others are experienced zoo-goers.

Mike Smith came to the zoo 33-years-ago with his daughter on his very first Father's Day.

Now, he is making the zoo a tradition and is back with his seven grandchildren. He says Father's Day is more fun as a grandfather.

"Raising my kids was always a great thing, but now with grand-kids it's even more special because I get to start all over again," says Smith. "And I can spoil them, and then send them home. That's the best part."

WSBT 22 asked the zoo about their animal fathers. They say many animal dads have to be separated from their young, but one sheep dad was out in the sun with his four children.

Check out some these dad's celebrating their special day:

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