Feds take over Walkerton Twp. library missing money probe

The St. Joseph County Prosecutor's Office issued this release Tuesday afternoon:

"In July2013, the Indiana State Board of Accounts released to the public the report from its audit of the Walkerton-Township Public Library. The report and information contained therein raised some concerns that public funds might have been misused. Previously, the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney issued a statement indicating that our Office was aware of the State Board of Accounts audit report and was working with law enforcement locally to further investigate the information contained in that report. We can confirm that this matter has been referred to the federal authorities, who are investigating the information contained in the audit report for possible federal criminal law violations."

The Indiana Attorney General's office filed suit to force Scott Klingerman, the former interim director of the Walkerton Township Library, to pay back nearly $96,000.

A State Board of Accounts audit accuses him of spending library money on personal dining and travel and taking more pay then he was supposed to get.

A St. Joseph County judge granted a temporary restraining order freezing Klingerman's financial assets until the case is resolved.