Fit to Cure


Video games are not just for entertainment anymore, they can now help cure diseases.

It's a game called Fit to Cure. It challenges its players to interact with drug molecules and human proteins.The data from players around the world is tracked and analyzed and could lead to better drugs.

This is just one of several science activities that was on display today at the South Bend Kroc Center. It was part of the Discover series events, which will take place once a month in celebration of South Bend's 150th birthday.

Saturday's event was all about science.

"We are trying to bring together people to have lost interest in science or they don't normally incorporate science into their life, so we are showing them interesting ways to incorporate science," says Jessica Baron with Discover Science,

The next SB-150 Discover event is on March 1st, where people can discover faith and culture.

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