Flash flooding prompts water rescue, evacuations in Cass County

There was a water rescue in the Edwardsburg area in Cass County Saturday night.

It happened after particularly heavy rains moved through the area and culverts failed. The homes of several families started filling with water. We are told one man even had to be rescued by boat.

We interviewed a family who was impacted. They tell us approximately 10 people from multiple homes in the area of Thatcher Road and Davis Lake Street and Oil City Road had to get out. Those family members say some of their pets did not make it out yet so they are concerned about them. And they say there are also concerns about a propane tank that was in the flooded area. A road in the area is now buckled as well.

The Eagle Lake Estates Mobile Home Park is also experiencing flooding. We saw one man there wading thru water waist deep

The following statement was issued around 8:30 p.m. Saturday by the Cass County Sheriff's Office:

Sheriff Richard J Behnke reports that his office is taking a large amount of complaints at this time regarding flash flooding around the county. A number of roads have been closed because of flooding over the road or culverts failing and washing out. Several residents in the area of Oil City Rd and Davis Lake St. were evacuated from their homes this evening because their homes were under water and the current from washouts were moving propane tanks, shed, boats and other large items causing a hazard to anyone in the immediate area. There were two separate water rescues that occurred where people became stranded in or on top of their vehicles in large fast flowing bodies of water. There were 17 weather related calls dispatched to Sheriff's Deputies and Fire personnel during a three hour period between 4:00pm and 7:00pm. The exact number of road closures and damaged culverts are unavailable at this time...

Police are urging people to stay off the roads until the rain subsides, and to be cautious if they must drive. It is safer to turn around then to try to cross a flooded road. you don't know how deep it is. People drown that way.

"We have numerous roadways that have washed out completely as well as area's were roadways are completely underwater for hundreds of yards across," according to the release from the sheriff's office. "Rain events are expected to continue through Sunday and more flooding and dangerous road conditions are expected to continue. Please limit travel at this time unless necessary."

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