Florida residents evacuate as Hurricane Irma gets closer

Wookie // Photo provided

As Hurricane Irma heads toward the U.S., some people in Florida are deciding to head here. People have started to evacuate ahead of the storm.

Many people in our area have family and friends in Hurricane Irma's path, and some have already started making sure their loved ones are safe.

Edgerton Travel in Mishawaka promotes Florida as an escape to sunshine.

But today travel agents are taking calls from people wanting to go anywhere else.

"I found no flights, and I was looking into pretty much anything Midwest: Minneapolis, Detroit, and I was finding zero availability,” said Travel Agent, Amy Riffle.

All those zeroes are something Riffle has never seen before. She told the family she was helping it might be best to find a different option.

"I think they've come to the determination it's either hunker down or drive,” Riffle said.

They aren't the only ones to come to that conclusion. Mishawaka native, Caitlin Finn, lives in Venice Florida, but is now on a road trip back to Indiana.

"The gas stations around Venice were running out of fuel and all the stores were out of water. They said there were more shipments coming, but the shelves were becoming bare and I didn't have any supplies,” said Finn.

She says after watching the devastation in Texas she decided to take matters in her own hands.

"I didn't want to have to go through that. I didn't want to be one of those people who gets stuck and rescue crews have to risk their lives to come save me or my dog,” she said.

The travel agency also says this is the time people learn the importance of travel insurance. It'll protect you from paying the full amount if a something like this happens when you are supposed to fly.

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