Flu season is here


You've probably noticed a lot of coughing and runny noses already--a sign the flu season is almost here.

That's why the Centers for Disease Control and local Health Departments are recommending you get your flu shot right now.

Last year, experts predicted a bad year for flu activity and they were right.

According to the CDC, during last year's flu season, which technically ended this month, 164 children died because of the flu. That is compared with 35 the year before.

But experts say predicting the flu season is not an exact science.

That is why the CDC recommends a yearly flu vaccine for everyone.

"Literally, everyone over the age of 6 months," said St. Joseph County Health Officer Dr. Thomas Felger. "That is the recommendation. We are particularly concerned about the elderly, pregnant women and children. That is where, when you do have a bad season, you'll see the deaths or the very severe illnesses."

To get the flu shot, contact your doctor, pharmacy, school or work and the health department will start offering drive through clinics at area fire departments soon.

There are also two different vaccines available, one for three strains and one for four flu strains, but you may have to pay extra for that one.