Food pantry is running out of food for the hungry


The Niles Salvation Army food pantry is on the verge of closing because demand continues to outpace donations by two to one.

Right now the pantry doesn't even have enough food to get through next week.

It's an emergency pantry that's facing an emergency of it's own.

Luckily there was a food drive today to benefit the pantry.

Even though it was a success Saturday's donations will only allow the pantry to last a couple more months.

A group of high school students from Niles and others helped collect food donations at the entrance of the Martin's Supermarket in Niles.

They boxed up the items and packed them up in a trailer.

Debbie Crane was one of the people who picked up some extra things to donate.

She says, "When I was younger we didn't have a lot of money and I know how it feels, you know, to struggle. so I'm fortunate enough that I don't have to worry about it and I want to help."

The Niles Salvation Army food pantry has a backup storage facility that it utilizes when its shelves are running low but the problem is that alternate storage has no food in it and it's been empty for months.

Jan Nowak works for the Niles Salvation Army and says, "What you see in this pantry is all that we have. this is our working pantry. There's no back up. This is it. So when these shelves get bare I start to panic."

The Stamp out Hunger Food Drive in May helps out the pantry the most.

Normally the thousands of pounds of food the pantry receives last through November but over the past few years that supply has run out by the end of summer.

Nowak says they serve well over 100 families a month.

Nowak adds, "100 families may not sounds so scary but when you realize that there's multiple generations now in a lot of households where multiple families share a residence to save expenses the per family count is going up dramatically."

You can donate to this cause by going to the Niles Salvation Army's website at the link below.