Former Notre Dame football player accused of sexual assault speaks out


The Notre Dame football player accused in the sexual assault of a Saint Mary's student is speaking out.

Former linebacker, Prince Shembo, acknowledged at the NFL Combine on Saturday that he was the player at the center of the 2010 investigation, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Shembo was never charged in the incident nor suspended from school.

"I didn't do anything," Shembo said, according to "I'm pretty much, I'm the one who ended it and pretty much told the girl that we should stop, that we shouldn't be doing this and that's what happened."

According to multiple reports, Shembo says he was told by Irish coach Brian Kelly to stay silent about the investigation.

"Yes, I wanted to talk about it, but they had to keep everything confidential," Shembo told Blue and Gold Illustrated, which is not affiliated with Notre Dame.

"Now that I'm out (of school), I can talk about it. My name was going to flames and it just made my name look bad and I can't even speak."

The alleged attack happened in August of 2010. Shembo's accuser, Lizzy Seeberg, committed suicide shortly after filing the report.

WSBT spoke with Seeberg's father Sunday, who had no comment on Shembo finally speaking out.