Fort Myers couple stranded in South Bend after Hurricane Irma

Brown and his fiance // Photo provided

As some parts of Florida are slowly inching their way back to normal, those evacuated are still trying to return home.

Parker Brown and his fiancé Cassandra were on vacation when they got the news that Irma would soon make landfall.

Deciding not to worry, they went home to Fort Myers but quickly had to leave.

Now that the storm has passed, they've been trying to get back home but have hit some roadblocks.

"Our first concern was getting out and what we had done is I got online and it took me three or four hours to find a flight, and every single time I’d click 'go' they would get canceled or would be taken up. So it took three hours just to book a flight,” said Brown.

He says his entire neighborhood is flooded. Luckily, his home sits on a hill so it was spared. Other people he knows were not so fortunate.

He says he's heard of roof cave-ins, ripped siding, and fully submerged vehicles. Those still there tell of the damage.

"It wasn't a pretty thing, seeing my neighbor’s homes getting pounded. But they actually fared the storm quite well. Quite amazing, but the assessments aren't done yet. Things that were strong become weak; things that are weak become weaker, and now that it's all over, now we have to assess to see the state of everything,” said resident, Ronnie Van Pelt.

Now, Brown is just trying to figure out how to get home. He was supposed to return Monday but his flight has been rescheduled twice.

He says it’s been rough just trying to get back.

"It seems like every single time we book a flight it gets canceled on us and we have to re-book. There's power lines down, there's trees down, they have to clear the airport so I completely understand. We actually have about seven or eight different offers of places to stay so we're very fortunate,” Brown said.

Thankfully, he's had a lot of support from people here in South Bend.

Parker says he's been on the phone non-stop with people in Fort Myers trying to do everything he can to help from here.

He and his fiancé have a flight set for Monday he hopes it works out so he can return to normal.

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