Friends of Theresa Burns speak out


It's a day family and friends of Theresa Burns have been waiting 25 years for.

Those who knew her say it's bittersweet but it's nice to finally have some closure.

Marguerite Raymond and Stefanie Scott flipped through their 1988 yearbook reminiscing about the good times they had with Theresa Burns.

Raymond says, "She and I went to school together. We were in camp together and she was always a little bundle of energy. Always a joker. Made us all laugh even if we didn't want to laugh we were laughing and that's one thing I remember is her laughter and her smile"

The women say everyone loved Theresa and they are sure that all of their classmates will be overjoyed with the news.

Marguerite held on to a newspaper article about Theresa's case all these years but now a suspect is in custody.

Marguerite says it was scary because Phillip Geans was arrested just a few blocks from her house.

She and Stefanie cried on the phone together after first learning about the arrest.

Scott says, "Her family can just be at peace with it and it's really sad though. It's not going to bring her back but he can't hurt anybody else now."

Stefanie goes to the cemetery where Theresa is buried every week and many times she brings flowers but now she can't wait to go to Theresa's grave to let her know there could soon be justice.

Scott says, "She didn't get to get married or graduate and that was so sad and she was robbed of all of that and her parents were robbed of it and she didn't get to see her nieces and nephews."

The women are in the process of planning a candlelight vigil for Theresa on January 11th which will be the 26th anniversary of her killing.

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